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Build your own 3D Stereogram

Build your own 3D Stereogram with this easy wizard. Just select a mask and a pattern of your choice and then you are ready to generate your own stereogram.

You have the choice to either choose from our gallery of patterns and masks or you can upload a pattern or a mask of your own. Uploading pictures of your self will not get you a readable stereogram unfortunately. Also you can create text-based stereograms so you can send secret messages to your friends.

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red fire



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brown rocks


How to use the builder
  • First you will have to select a pattern. To do this, you can select from 2 choices:
    • Select pattern from gallery. You can move through the pattern gallery using the "next" and "prev" buttons. Once you have found a pattern you like, you must click on it and afterwards click on "Apply Pattern".
    • Upload your own pattern. For this please click on "Upload your own pattern", then select an image from your PC and click "Upload Pattern". This will use your own pattern. Please note that the image you uploaded will be deleted from our server.
  • Second you must select the mask. To do this you have to click on "Mask". Here you have 3 choices:
    • Select mask from gallery. You can move through the mask gallery using the "next" and "prev" buttons. Once you found the mask, click on it and then on "Apply Mask". The hidden image will be like the pattern you choose.
    • Upload your own mask. For this, Click on "Upload your own mask" then select an image from your PC and click "Open". This will use your own mask. The image that you have uploaded will be deleted automatically when it will not be used any more.
    • Text based mask. This will make a stereogram from a simple text. Just enter the text (for example your name" and then click on "Apply Mask". You can select some advanced settings if you want like the font name and font size, but it is recommended to keep a big font size so you can read the stereogram better.
  • Last, now that you have both the pattern and the mask, just click on "Stereogram".
    • This will generate the stereogram from your settings. To view the stereogram in full size, click on "Click here to open the stereogram" button. This will open the stereogram. To save the stereogram on your PC, click on "Save image to PC" button.

You can always come back and choose a different pattern or a different mask to experiment with until you get it right. Once you change the pattern or mask, you will have to generate the stereogram again.

That's it, not that complicated to use I hope.


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