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Stereograms a new way of looking at the world. Hi and welcome to the wonderful world of Stereograms!

I remember perfectly the moment when I saw my first stereogram. I’ve been starring at my PC monitor for about one hour without seeing anything, my eyes were hurting and I was afraid to blink not to lose the “magic moment”. Finally, in the end, I saw the magic, and it was worth the effort. I never believed that something like this was possible simply by looking at a picture.

For those of you that have trouble seeing stereogram images there are a couple of pointers at the end of How Stereograms work page. There isn’t a magic schema for anyone to see the stereograms. Simplest example would be to simply stare at the image until you will see the hidden 3D shape (for me it tooked about 1-2 hours of steering). Also please remember that not everyone can see them due to eye issues or other medical problems.<rolex daytona replica watches

You can also Build your own 3D Stereogram based on a mask and a pattern of your choice. Another thing that you can try is to enter a text and to generate the stereogram based on that text. Just like a secret message ^_^

If you have any questions or comments you can contact me here.

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