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Version (on 01.05.2015)

Confirmation email when an account is activated.

Handle correctly the Closed database state.

Version (on 12.15.2014)

Clickable h3 headers to allow colapsing for their info to optimize the page space.

Logout to be a button and not a linked button. This removes the need for dopostback method and everything that comes with it.

Version (on 12.10.2014)

Contact form.

Version (on 12.03.2014)

Wait for the text mask to be generated so user will have feedback.

Optimized How it works page for mobile devices.

Version (on 11.10.2014)

Do not upload the stereogram to the server any more through js. Display the stereogram in full screen first.

Version (on 11.05.2014)

Added a mobile version for the site.

Use cookies for the builder page.

Extra message filtering system.

Fixed progress bar for generate, no need for floating.

Version (on 10.29.2014)

Added meta descriptions to all important pages.

Use a single h1 title tag per page.

Set the image base64 format directly in the page body to avoid multiple round trips to the server.

In the build your own page do not use images to select a mask, pattern and stereogram - to speed things up.

In the build your own page embed the image src directly in the page for plus, equal and arrow.

Version (on 10.24.2014)

Drop the download functionality and rely on changing the image src property.

Better tabs on the build your own page.

Use preexisting canvas objects when reading data.

Version (on 10.23.2014)

Removed beta notice.

Removed css file and the common js files to speed the site.

Small redesign of the build your own page to better look like tabs.

Version (on 10.20.2014)

Fixed an use case where any user was seing the delete image button.

Changed upload algorithm to work with cookies because some browsers don't support communicating with elements in an iframe.

Backups for the logs once per day.

Changed temporary folder.

Version (on 10.18.2014)

Stabilized stereogram generation algorithm.

Extended support to generate stereograms on mobile devices also.

Use jpeg instead of png because jpeg uses less size. Used a clarity of 0.8.

Version (on 10.15.2014)

Fixed bug when making a custom filter and go to browse the images.

Extra logging when generating a stereogram and additional checks.

Version (on 10.14.2014)

Apply Mask and Apply Pattern now don't require a post back to the server - this should speed up making your own stereogram.

Read the pattern and mask directly from the server during the stereogram generation operation.

Change voting to allow users that are not logged in to vote.

Added feedback to the user when uploading custom masks/patterns in the build your own section.

Added feedback to the user when generating a text mask.

Version (on 09.30.2014)

Count the generated text masks.

More bugfix for uploading a generated stereogram to the server.

Cancel an uploading stereogram.

Version (on 09.29.2014)

Improved uploading a stereogram algorithm.

Convert user defined bmp files to png files to speed up the site.

Admin tools to compress current bitmap files to png.

Version (on 09.26.2014)

Added retry mechanism when it fails to upload a chunk.

Improved the admin page with extra actions.

Include user name into the temporary files.

Version (on 09.23.2014)

Fixed upload errors that occured when asp.net gets restarted.

Version (on 09.22.2014)

Admin page.

Admin to delete spam messages.

Save the date when a new user account is created.

Version (on 09.15.2014)

Fixed some bugs on the browser page.

Use SessionId for temporary server files.

Automatic backup for the database once a day.

Version (on 09.11.2014)

Changed upload a new generated stereogram algorithm and added some extra logging.

Fixed some exceptions that occur while browsing the galery fast.

Version (on 09.10.2014)

Added progress bar when uploading a newly generated stereogram.

Version (on 09.08.2014)

Fixed couple of bugs.

Extra logging.

Added google analytics tags and infolinks tags.

Wait for the mask and pattern to fully load before generating a stereogram.

Better center the site.

Version (on 08.30.2014)

Complete redesign of the site.

Change layout to make it more readable for small resolution devices.

Changed database to a new platform because of SQL server downtime.

Moved the stereogram generator to javascript because flash is not supported on some devices.

Get rid of images for the layout to improve the loading time for the site.

Change voting algorithm so a user can vote a single time.

Reduced/optimized the number of page postbacks to the server.

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